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Makc the Butcher
20.12.2009, 16:01
Big Tilly и Bruno Sassi
* American Wrestling Federation (Puerto Rico)

* AWF Tag Team Championship (1 time)

* Coastal Championship Wrestling

* CCW Tag Team Championship (1 time)

* Florida Wrestling Alliance

* FWA Tag Team Championship (4 times)

* Independent Pro Wrestling Association

* IPWA Tag Team Championship (5 times)

* International Wrestling Federation

* IWF Tag Team Championship (4 times)

* South Eastern Championship Wrestling

* SECW Tag Team Championship (1 time)

* World Wide Wrestling

* WWW Tag Team Championship (2 times)

Давно хотел создать эту тему. Очень меня сильно впечатлили эти два колобка.


When Sassi began wrestling on the Floridian independent circuit, he formed a tag team with "Brother" Dan Evans. Evans and Sassi used the gimmick of a pair of boisterous, prank playing fraternity members. After Evans retired for several years, Sassi continued to use the gimmick, and eventually found a new tag team partner, Big Tilly. Sassi and Tilly then became known collectively as "Phi Delta Slam".

Phi Delta Slam debuted in the now-defunct Future of Wrestling promotion in 2001 and remained there until the promotion folded in 2002. They were rejoined by Evans, expanding Phi Delta Slam to a stable. Phi Delta Slam appeared with the South Florida based Coastal Championship Wrestling promotion throughout 2004.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (2005-2007, 2009)
In 2005, Phi Delta Slam were signed by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Phi Delta Slam were introduced to TNA after Dusty Rhodes told his two competing assistants, Traci Brooks and Trinity, to each find a tag team. The tag teams would wrestle one another at Destination X, with the winning tag team's sponsor becoming Rhodes' sole assistant. Trinity selected Phi Delta Slam, and they debuted in February 2005, wrestling dark matches, and made their onscreen debut on March 13 at Destination X, where they lost to Traci's choice, The Harris Brothers. Phi Delta Slam remained in TNA for several weeks afterwards, but were unable to get over with fans, and began appearing only sporadically with the promotion. In September 2005, their profiles were removed from the TNA website, confirming that the team was gone from TNA.

Tilly and Sassi later made a cameo appearance in a series of comedy segments on the December 20, 2007 episode of Impact! where they were seen at Eric Young's Christmas party, which also involved the likes of Bushwhacker Butch, Kevin Nash, ODB, and Awesome Kong.

In early 2009, both Tilly and Sassi returned to TNA as the personal security of The Main Event Mafia in order to help them fend off the TNA Frontline.[1] In order play into the mafia aspect of the stable, both were renamed to Rocco and Sal respectively, both began wearing sunglasses at all times and Sassi dyed his normally blond hair to black and began sporting a beard. On the March 13 edition of Impact!, Sal and Kurt Angle accompanied Rocco as he wrestled Frontline member Eric Young in the main event, which Rocco lost after Young pinned him following a Death Valley driver. On the April 2 edition of Impact! they were defeated in a tag team match by Team 3D. On the May 7 edition of Impact! they were defeated in a handicap match by Matt Morgan. On the May 28 edition of Impact! Sting, the new leader of the Main Event Mafia, fired Rocco and Sal. On the June 4, 2009, edition of Impact! Rocco and Sal were hired by Mick Foley, thus turning face.

20.12.2009, 16:11
музыка у них крутая была, все что я помню)

Makc the Butcher
20.12.2009, 16:12
музыка у них крутая была, все что я помню)
Ну ясный перец, ты ж поклонник "летающей дистрофии" ;)

Black Hawk
20.12.2009, 16:19
Нули. Примерно уровня Акебоно и Риоты Хамы. Но те хоть забавны порой бывают.

Makc the Butcher
20.12.2009, 16:21
Нули. Примерно уровня Акебоно и Риоты Хамы. Но те хоть забавны порой бывают.

20.12.2009, 16:52
Вообще никак. Не перевариваю толстяков, ничего хорошего на ринге они не показывают!

20.12.2009, 17:58
Абсолютно никакие. А вот логотип их команды на латыни забавный, напоминает всем известную собачью команду "ФАС!"

20.12.2009, 18:02
Никогда не нравились.

Black Hawk
20.12.2009, 18:03
Вообще никак. Не перевариваю толстяков, ничего хорошего на ринге они не показывают!
Не надо так категорично обо всех то. Вейдер, Бам Бам, Йокозуна, Валиенте, Джо, Эдди Фату - они не "никакие".;) Но ребята вроде ΦΔS действительно выступают паршиво.

AJ DeniM
20.12.2009, 18:05
Макс, если уж впечятлили, то чем? Ссылки, ссылки!

Makc the Butcher
20.12.2009, 21:01
Макс, если уж впечятлили, то чем? Ссылки, ссылки!

Phi Delta Slam - тот же ю-туб.
А потом, смотришь. :)
Или тебе сюда нужно скопировать?;)

AJ DeniM
20.12.2009, 21:58
Я прошу ссылки на то, что тебя впечятлило ибо при просмотре нескольких штук их матчей я не увидел ничего холищитного и думаю обшарив весь ютуб я по прежнему ничего сьедобного не найду. Хотя тут все понятно...рестлер толстяк и Макс уже этим рад.

20.12.2009, 22:07
Так они ретслеры? Я когда ТНА смотрел думал обычне охранники непонятно что на ринге вытворяют!