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Makc the Butcher
27.11.2011, 13:08

Офсайт! (http://ovwrestling.com/)

Ну что, пора начать обсуждать новую, подготовительную площадку TNA.

12.12.2011, 00:46
Rob Terry, Jessie Godderz and Anarquie were names all assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville by TNA in addition to Jesse Neal reports The Wrestling observer Newsletter.
Neal worked the recent set of TNA tapings and stated publicly he took issue with the offer given to him by TNA to relocate to train in OVW.

12.12.2011, 22:48
OVW Homecoming 6 Results:

First Match: Vaughn Lilas defeated Micah Taylor
Second Match: “Mr. Wrestling” Nick Dinsmore and Jimmy Yang defeated Jose Santiago and Mike Wolfgang
Third Match: SK Eveslage, Ricky Chevy, Jessie Morris and Christian Skyfire defeated “Double R Superstar” Randy Royal, The Assassin #2, “International Plaboy” David C and Cody Matthews
Fourth Match: Kaila Maria defeated Tracy Taylor with Serena Deeb as the Special Guest Referee
Fifth Match: Sean Conway and “Iron Man” Rob Conway defeated Lennox Norris and Flash Flanagan
Main Event: Trailer Park Trash won the over the top rope battle royal to become The Homecoming King

Makc the Butcher
07.09.2019, 23:57
PWInsider сообщает, что этой осенью промоушен OVW вернется на телевидение и будет транслироваться на WBNA Channel 21, начиная с 11 сентября. До октября еженедельники промоушена Ала Сноу будут транслироваться по средам, начиная с октября - по вторникам. Первый выпуск получит название Fight For Freedom.