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Тема: Hardcore, sXe, Crossover

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    По умолчанию Hardcore, sXe, Crossover

    Вот подарочек вам.
    Такая тема)))

    Для крепких мужиков!

    Artist.........: NOTHING 2 REGRET
    Album..........: MORE TO US
    Year...........: 2008
    Genre..........: Hardcore
    Bitrate........: 256 kb/s
    Size...........: 34mb


    01 Intro.
    02 More To Us.
    03 Watching BBC Is The Only Way To Get Political Correct.
    04 End Of Faith.
    05 Blood Is As Thick As Water.
    06 Never Give In.
    07 Among Traitors.



    Очень хорошо. НьюЙорщина 100%. Мощь!!!!

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    По умолчанию


    Maqueta (Demo) (2008)


    320 Kbps
    15.32 Мб

    Вот это по нашему, по раликальному!

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    Pro Wrestling Superstar Аватар для Мозгобол

    По умолчанию

    В этой теме будут вкладываться только сХе группы?

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    По умолчанию

    Вроде нет, Mistkafer вообще по красту ) То есть совсем другая сцена

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    По умолчанию

    Цитата Сообщение от mozgoball Посмотреть сообщение
    В этой теме будут вкладываться только сХе группы?
    Нет. Хардкор, Кроссовер, Краст
    Вроде нет, Mistkafer вообще по красту ) То есть совсем другая сцена
    Решил сюда))

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    По умолчанию

    Hardcore / Punk / Soul (Myspace Descritpion)

    Check out Guilt, Angel Strike Man and Three Hundred Liars from the new LP, a new beat from a dead heart, due out 6.26.07 on Deathwish Inc.

    To this day, the message conveyed on the first flier announcing the formation of 108 perfectly encapsulates the purpose of the band:

    "Direct Expression. Bypass mind. Bypass intellect. Self to Sound. Against the dead trend. The robot me. The modern social entity stripped of color and vibrancy. Not philosophy. Not religion. True self expressed in sound."

    Simply put, 108 has meant a lot of things to a lot of people over the past 14 years, but the initial announcement of the band’s arrival on the punk scene in the fall of 1992 remains the most apt description of its guiding spirit. In the 4 years following its formation, 108 constantly toured the US and Europe, releasing 3 extremely popular studio LP's, an EP, a live LP, and various songs on different compilations. When the guitar player decided to intensify his studies in Hinduism in 1996, 108 disbanded.

    Fast forward to the summer of 2005 when 108 was asked to play a set at a popular US festival. In preparation for this event, the group holed up in a practice studio during the week of the show and found that there was still a natural spark between them and that their old songs had taken on a new life. Two days prior to the show the festival was canceled. Within 24 hours, however, 2 shows were put together in Philadelphia. It was at these shows that the excitement of the crowds fueled the spark the band felt in reuniting and prompted the arrangement of a 7-show tour, on the East and West Coasts, in the spring of 2006.

    The passion and energy they felt earlier was further nurtured when playing these next 7 shows, which confirmed 108’s desire to continue playing and composing again. Over the summer, the band saw the release of Creation. Sustenance. Destruction., a 36-song discography on Equal Vision Records documenting their original output of music, followed by 4 more shows across the US and a quick 10 day, 10-show tour of Europe covering 6 countries. During this period, they began writing new music, and it became clear that the best was yet to come.

    The heaviness and intensity of 108’s music, fused with the band’s spiritual, political, ethical, emotional, and intellectual underpinnings, is an unlikely marriage but one that produces a powerful synthesis in the world of heavy music. The new songs which will appear on the bands new LP typify this synthesis, with lyrics that speak to our soul-destroying world:

    "Lose our minds, one day at a time when pain is all we see. Void humanity with stories at 11, monetary interests (define the) bottom line. Lose our soul, one verse at a time when words overcome feeling. Not a lack of this nor a lack of that, it's just our kind. Is this what I wanted to be? I'm dying for something I never wanted to be." (from “Our Kind”)

    No one can deny that fake fashion posturing and lifeless clone music are on the verge of killing heavy music. Revolted by these trends, those who followed 108, even those who thought they had outgrown the genre, are responding to the band’s psychedelic noise infusion, brutal riffage, and incisive lyrics with enthusiasm and profound relief. Those who never experienced the band before have been given access to a band that changes their perception of what a punk band can be. On an undeniable rampage, 108 is shocking listeners back to consciousness and getting them thinking again, feeling again, and banging their heads in defiance at the near-death of heavy music with a message.

    In February 2007 the band recorded their new album, A new beat from a dead heart, with Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studios (Converge), to be released on Deathwish in June 2007. In support of this new album, 108 also plans to tour and play shows through the US, Europe, Japan and South America in 2007.

    Robert Fish/Rasaraja - Vocals
    Vic Dicara - Guitar/Vocals
    Trivikrama dasa - Bass
    Tom Hogan - Drums
    Mike/mOnster - Accomplice


    Artist : 108
    Album : A New Beat From A Dead Heart
    Bitrate : 192 kbps
    Source : CD (LP)
    Label : Deathwish Inc.
    Year : 2007
    Genre : Hardcore
    Rip date : 2007-06-12
    Store date : 2007-06-26

    01.Declarations on a Grave
    03.Angel Strike Man
    04.Three Hundred Liars
    05.Resurrect to Destroy
    06.Martyr Complex
    07.The Sad Truth
    08.My Redemption Song
    09.Bibles Plus Guns Equal The American Dream
    10.(Il)logical End
    11.We Walk Through Walls
    12.Our Kind


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    Pro Wrestling Superstar Аватар для Мозгобол

    По умолчанию

    Хардкор, Кроссовер, Краст
    А почему тогда сХе в названии темы? )

    Nueva Etica - La Venganga De Los Justos (2001)

    sXe (hardline?) new school hardcore из Аргентины

    http://ifolder.ru/38176 (VBR 364kb/s | 71.51 Mb)

    01 El Oponente [04:07]
    02 La Amenaza [02:59]
    03 Renunciar y Cofrontar [03:39]
    04 La Marca del Honor [03:47]
    05 La Vengaza de Los Justos [05:11]
    06 Una Vida Mejor [04:27]
    07 Hasta la Muerte [02:47]
    08 Momento de la Verdad [03:04]
    09 Fiel [03:35]
    10 Miserable Existencia [03:21]
    11 Nueva Etica [03:31]

    Purification - Animal Liberation (2000)

    hardline hardcore/metalcore из Италии.

    http://ifolder.ru/821198 (37.44 Мб)

    01. Holy War
    02. Blood Pits
    03. Cleansing
    04. Abyss Descent
    05. Legion
    06. Heritage Of Blood
    07. Falling Into Obscurity

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    По умолчанию

    А почему тогда сХе в названии темы? )
    Чё пристал?
    Модеры, уберите sXe!

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    По умолчанию

    Makiladoras - Niemand Weet Wat De Toekomst Brengt 10'' (2003)
    Мой любимый краст, из нидерландов
    160 kb/s - 19 mb - 7 трэков
    Не так давно всё их творчество можно было скачать с сайта makiladoras.tk, но он, как и группа, уже нефункционален

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    Pro Wrestling Superstar Аватар для Мозгобол

    По умолчанию

    Чё пристал?
    Модеры, уберите sXe!
    Я вообще приставучий дядька ^_^

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